Marion Mennonite Church

When we heard of the death of Don, it triggered wonderful memories for those of us at Marion Mennonite who were privileged to get to know your father and brother. Even though it has been a long time ago, we still have a fondness for Don that puts a smile in our hearts when we walk by his photo on our wall honoring the pastors who have served our congregation. We benefitted from and enjoyed his wise leadership, and we all remember Don with fondness.

We remember his love of poetry. We remember how he always seemed to have at least one story, many times from his own life, in every sermon. He had such a rich personal history to draw on. We remember joyful baptisms. We remember the hospitality Don and Martha showed us in their home. Don was such a kind and gentle man – his love of Jesus and of scripture was evident.

In short, we see Don and Martha as a wonderful gift to our congregation. It was only a short time but they had a big impact. We thank you for sharing them with us!